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The Direct Investment EB-5 Visa is the quickest way for you and your family to immigrate into the US – conditional green cards can be secured in under one year. Capital investments can be as little as $500,000. But the journey is not a straight line – the road can be crooked and filled with land mines. Our objective is to ensure you achieve your goal while protecting you at every step.

  • Step 1: We work closely with our clients to complete our proprietary 33-Point due diligence “source of proceeds” review which culminates with you submitting the I-526 application through immigration counsel to the USCIS for approval of the EB-5 investment. Once the investment is approved the investor applies for a conditional green card (and then subsequently your permanent green card).
  • Step 2: We recommend one specific investment which in our evaluation is the safest, most cost effective, time efficient investment to secure the US green card.
  • Step 3: We recommend an international estate plan for world-wide income, estate & gift tax planning and asset protection.

Our team of experts include:

  • Gary S. Wolfe, Esq., Pre-Immigration U.S. Tax Planning, U.S. Estate & Gift Tax Planning, International Estate Planning and Asset Protection.
  • Mark Ivener, Esq., Immigration Attorney, EB-5 Expert. Has successfully completed over 100 EB-5 visas.
  • Norman Sam 岑 國 賢, International Business Advisory Services, Canada / Hong Kong / Shenzhen, China

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